Concept and importance of legal facts in dynamics of financial legal relations


  • О. В. Макух Класичний приватний університет Україна, Україна, м. Запоріжжя, Ukraine



financial relations, dynamics of legal relations, legal facts, functions of legal facts


In today’s legal reality there are new search for ways to
achieve the stability of legal relations. The industry of financial law is not an
exception. At the same time it is necessary to note that in this situation increases the
interest of scientists to study the circumstances that give rise to the emergence,
change or termination of financial relations - legal facts, the definition of their
concept and importance of the dynamics of this kind of public relations.
Releavance of the research topic: Indeed, the legal facts in the movement of
all types of legal relations are very important because financial (and other) legal
relations are dynamic legal phenomenon, the essence of which might be revealed
during its respective stages of development: the emergence, change and termination.
Recent research and publications analysis: Fundamentals in the study of
legal facts were laid by such theorists and financiers such as: S. S. Alekseyev, V. B.
Isakov, S. A. Zinchenko, O. A. Krasavchikov, N. P. Kucheryavenko, A. P. Orlyuk,
G. F. Shershenevich, M. D. Shargorodskiy and others. At the same time, the
concept and value of legal facts in the dynamics of financial relations is little
Paper objective: With this in mind, the purpose of the article is to analyze
different points of view regarding the designated topic.
Paper main body: It is significant that even the concept of "fact" is quite
common, however, it is treated very ambiguous. Among jurists legal facts
traditionally defined as the specific circumstances of life, with the onset of the
financial rules of law which bind the emergence, change and termination of legal
relations. Legal facts in the financial and legal regulation have a number of
characteristics: consolidation in the financial rules of law; reasonableness; the ability
to determine the legal consequences; concreteness; descriptiveness; clearance;
effectiveness (the actual occurrence).
The essence of financial legal relations, which are dynamic legal phenomenon
might be revealed during its respective stages of development: the emergence, change
and termination. And particular importance here is acquire legal facts. Taking this
into account, "the legal consequences that follow on the basis of legal facts, in the
most common way can be reduced to the main phases of the existence of legal
relations - their emergence and termination, as well as change." At the same time it is
important to emphasize that the legal facts are not only generate, change or cancel the
financial relations, but also "correct" in a certain way those rights and duties of the
participants of financial activities which occur within the relevant legal relations;
ensure the implementation of the rights and duties of relevant actors in their actual
behavior. They advocate direct legal basis of origin of the subjective rights of
individuals in specific legal relations, a kind of transition means of a legal entity to
the appropriate subjective right, take an independent place in the mechanism of legal
regulation, as they provide a transition from the state normative regulation of social
relations to the individual through the prescribed in the law subjective rights and
corresponding duties.
Conclusions of the research: We believe that legal facts have the following
functions: emergence, change and termination of financial legal relations; legal
constitutive; constructive; garantee; informative; individual regulation.

Author Biography

О. В. Макух, Класичний приватний університет Україна, Україна, м. Запоріжжя

канд. юрид. наук, доцент кафедри конституційного, адміністративного і фінансового права Інституту права імені Володимира Сташиса


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