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Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.
  • Це подання раніше не було опубліковане і не надсилалося до розгляду редакціям інших журналів (або у коментарях для редактора нижче дані необхідні пояснення).
  • Файл подання є документом у форматі Microsoft Word, OpenOffice, RTF або WordPerfect.
  • Інтернет-посилання у тексті супроводжуються повними коректними адресами URL.
  • Текст відповідає вимогам до стилістики та бібліографії, викладеним у Керівництві для авторів розділу "Про журнал".
  • Якщо матеріал подається у рецензований розділ журналу, при оформленні файлу подання були виконані інструкції щодо Гарантій сліпого рецензування.

Author Guidelines

To be considered for a publication in the еlectronic еdition, only research papers that have never been published before are accepted. The article should be devoted to the relevant subjects, present the results of a thorough study, be characterized by innovations and scientific conclusions in accordance with article’s goals (specified tasks).

Submissions are checked for plagiarism and are subject to internal and external review, which is carried out by members of the editorial board or specialists of the relevant industry. Peer review is confidential. In case of a negative review or substantial comments, the article may be rejected or returned to the author(s) for revision.

The editorial board reserves the right to edit and shorten manuscripts without violating the author’s content. Rejected manuscripts are not returned to the authors.


We recommend that authors register on the site of the publication as an author and reader, after which it is advisable to submit the article yourself via the website:   with the following accompanying materials:

– information about the author (in Ukrainian, Russian, English): surname, name, patronymic in full, position, place of work, academic title, academic degree, contact information (phone, e-mail, ORCID code;

– the license agreement of the author (or co-authors) to post an article on the Internet (download);

– the photo of the author (co-authors) of the article, size – 4×5,5 with the extension * .jpg, quality 600×600 dpi;

– the original (or electronic copy) of the receipt for payment for the publication of the article (after reviewing the manuscript).

All materials can also be sent to the e-mail of the Editorial Board:


Тhe text of the article should be typed using the text editor WORD (*.dос, *. docx) for WINDOWS, font Times New Roman No 14, line spacing 1.5, margins: left and right –2 cm, top and bottom –2 cm(for accompanying materials); the article without the reference list shall not exceed 12 – 18 pages.

Тhe extended (up to 1800 characters with spaces) annotation (summary) in Ukrainian in electronic and paper form.

Тhe English version of articles shall include all obligatory structural elements of a scientific article (Problem setting, Analysis of recent research and publications, statement of the article objective, Presentation of the main body of the article, Conclusions from the given research).

The articles that does not meet the editorial board requirements are not accepted.

All articles are published on a fee basis. The cost of 1 page is 36 UAH. Details for payment are sent to the author after the recommendation of the article for publication.

The maximum amount of article 18 pages – 648 UAH.


The names and e-mail addresses, specified by the users of the journal website, will be used exclusively for internal technical problems of this journal; they will not be distributed and shared with third parties.

Responsibility for the accuracy of information, facts and other information, references to regulations, quotations and proper names are borne by the authors of the publication.


The Еlectronic Еdition is published twice a year.

The deadlines for submitting papers are the following:

– the first issue: May, 1 (posting on the site – June of the current year);

– the second issue: November, 1 (posting on the site – December of the current year).

Privacy Statement

The names and e-mail addresses, specified by the users of the journal website, will be used exclusively for internal technical problems of this journal; they will not be distributed and shared with third parties.