Legal aspects of the regulatory monetary value of land in Ukraine


  • І. В. Співак Національний юридичний університет імені Ярослава Мудрого, Ukraine



regulatory and monetary valuation of land, protection of land, Expert monetary valuation of land, regulations


Purpose of the article is to analyze the legal aspects of effecting standard monetary valuation of land inUkraine, to research the legal and regulatory framework of the issue, to determine theoretical and practical problems appearing during performing standard monetary valuation within conditions of land market generation inUkraine, as well as to search the ways of their solution.

Task of the article is determined by researching the key points of the notion of standard monetary valuation of land in Ukraine, analyzing the legal and regulatory provision of such valuation; explaining principles and foundations of carrying the valuation, specifying the range of subjects authorized to carry the valuation; studying available theoretical and practical problem.

Relevance of the topic is determined by the fact that inUkrainewithin the conditions of land reform which is still in process since 1991 there is a range of unsolved problems concerning land taxation, reimbursement of agricultural and non-agricultural production expenses; in recent times there are intensified discussions on land selling. Practically, exist problems with legal and regulatory basis, with initiated spontaneous and baseless amendments, and some other aspects of land valuating activity and especially during standard valuation of land parcels.

Thereafter, in recent times the problem of monetary valuation of land inUkrainebecame one of central issues among economists-agrarians, as determining of reasonable valid price of land parcels promotes creating competitive environment and ensuring equal protection of rights and legal interests of subjects of land and agricultural legal relations in concluding civil agreements on land parcels alienation. 

Author Biography

І. В. Співак, Національний юридичний університет імені Ярослава Мудрого

студент 4 курсу 1-ї групи
військово-юридичного факультету


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