The responsibility of officials of local administrations for violations in the sphere of land relations.




local administration, responsible, land violations, land legislation


Problem Setting. The article studies the question of responsibility of officials of local administrations for violations in the sphere of land relations. The analysis of scientific papers in the study area, considered issues related to the classification of legal liability, given their characteristics. The specific features of disciplinary, administrative and criminal liability of officials of local administrations in the sphere of land relations.

The actuality of the topic. The question of responsibility for violations of land legislation is an important part of relations in the field of land rights. Trying to analyze the law on liability of local state administrations for violations in the sphere of land relations is important for understanding the evolution of citizens of their rights and responsibilities at different stages of existence and development.

The purpose of the article. Land legislation does not contain a whole arsenal of legal sanctions, designed for comprehensive impact on the offender. So to combat land law uses penalties contained in other areas of law. But the application of these sanctions is necessary to violations of land legislation was also a violation of law relevant field of law. In legal literature can be found quite famous point of view, according to which land law violations may warrant application of criminal, civil, administrative and disciplinary.

Conclusions. The issue of responsibility of officials of local administrations for violations in the sphere of land relations is important, because it has not only theoretical but also practical application. The solution depends, first, on a correct assessment of each of the elements of the offense, and secondly, to determine the social danger of the consequences of the offense, and therefore the law to which the person liable, thirdly, by improving legislation, governing liability for violations of land by the coherence of its provisions enshrined in various legal acts.

Author Biography

А. С. Самородов, Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University

Competitor of the Department of Environmental Law


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