Рarticularly of national security of Ukraine by intelligence activities: experience by Zaporozhye’s Sich


  • Т. О. Коломоєць Zaporizhzhya national university, Ukraine
  • Микита Сергійович Жуков Zaporizhzhya national university, Ukraine https://orcid.org/0000-0003-2039-1179




national security, intelligence activities, intelligence services, hybrid warfare, military-political organization, Zaporizhzhya Sich


In the article the main issue is ensuring of the national security of Ukraine. The second main issue was  intelligence activities, as an integral element in ensuring the vital interests of the personal and state protection. In the articke was analized the similarities of the military-political situation in which there was the Zaporizhzhya Sich, and in which specific regions of Ukraine were now, in order to overcome negative factors and effective national security of Ukraine. Put forward proposals to improve the intelligence activities of Ukraine, by borrowing developments and good practice operation of military-political organization of Zaporizhzhya Sich in a hybrid war.

The aim is to clarify the national security system, through intelligence servise, during the existence of the Sich, the purpose of borrowing and further application in the present conditions, the condition for the effective implementation of protection of vital interests of man, society and state.

The aim of the study is due to the need to address the following objectives:

– Definition and basic features of national security significance to the existence of a strong, independent, democratic state;

– Determine the regulation issues of national security, through intelligence, analyze the existing legal framework on this issue;

– Consider Sich intelligence activities, as a means of national security;

– To identify ways to improve the current system of national security through intelligence.

The one of the elements of national security and overcoming the adverse factors that emerged inUkraineis functioning intelligence agencies, whose effectiveness depends on their continuous improvement. It was proved that the most successful and accurate model that takes into account the existing situation ofUkraineis just a model of intelligence Sich. It should be noted that the proposed changes and improvements into account the current political conditions, germination military hybrid conditions present and the time of the Sich, and thus be able to take steps to overcome the heavy military and political situation prevailing in some regions ofUkraineand marked a hybrid war.

Author Biographies

Т. О. Коломоєць, Zaporizhzhya national university

д.ю.н., професор, Заслужений юрист України

Микита Сергійович Жуков, Zaporizhzhya national university



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