Subordinate regulations of executive power bodies of Ukraine and foreign countries: comparative characteristics.




executive power, subordinate legal act, statute, regulation, order, delegation of authority


Problem Setting. Having chosen the European integration path of development Ukraine has committed itself to adapt national legislation to the EU legislation. Approximation of legislation is a process of harmonization of regulations of a state in accordance with a certain standard. Today this process is regulated by the Law of Ukraine "On State Program of Adaptation of Ukraine to the European Union" of 18 March 2004, which involves the complex task of adaptation of Ukraine, aimed at improving the legislative and enforcement activities of public authorities.

The actuality of the topic. Adapting legislation involves increasing demands for quality and consistency of regulatory legal acts issued by the authorized state bodies, especially the acts of the executive. The quality is subordinate regulatory acts depends entirely on the quality of legal regulation of social relations in the country, protect the interests, rights and freedoms, because no matter how perfect the legislation was not resolved this or that sphere of public life, without proper implementation of legal provisions by executive regulation effectively implemented can not.

Courtesy of the author's definition of "executive power", defined as a separate branch of government entrusted with the task to implement management activities in the state, according to the law, through a specially created state bodies - executive bodies, which are the kind of public authorities who have the public-law power management powers to the viability of the country capable of applying coercive measures.

The purpose of the article. The executive power of Ukraine today has three levels with corresponding sublevels: a higher level – the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine; central level – the first sublevel – Ministries and second sublevel – central authorities; local level – the first sub-level – regional territorial offices of ministries and central authorities, the second sub-level – district, city, city, city district, inter-district regional offices of ministries and central authorities.

The article analyzes the main types of subordinate regulatory acts Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Japan and the United States.

The study was set types of subordinate normative legal acts of the executive (government, ministries, local authorities, etc.) in France, Germany, Italy, Japan almost coincide with the Ukrainian subordinate regulatory acts. It is also important that in these countries the legislation recognized regulatory function of regulations as a by-law (secondary) and primary legal regulation of social relations, which, in our opinion, is a positive experience that can be introduced by Ukrainian legislation.

Conclusions. Positive, in our view, is the practice of some countries of Western Europe delegation of legislative powers from parliament to the government and consolidation of such procedures in the relevant legal acts. We believe that in Ukraine also need the legislation provide for the possibility of delegation of powers by appropriate amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine or the development and adoption of the Law of Ukraine "On the law-making activities and regulations", which define the grounds delegation of such powers possible terms, matters that can be regulated by acts of delegated legislation, the procedure of approval by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and others.

Author Biography

Є. А. Гетьман, The National Academy of Law Sciences of Ukraine

Doctor of Law Sciences,
Senior Research,
Head of Coordination of Law Studies
staff of the National Academy of Law Sciences of Ukraine


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