Heirs’ obligations arising under succession by law


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a testator, a heir, the succession by law, the succession by will, an obligation, a subjective right, the abolition of the inheritance


Formulation of the problem. One way or another, almost everyone has to deal with the inheritance. However, a person not always manages his or her property in the case of the death. The absence of the direct expression of the desire put into words in the form of the will, should not affect the stability of the civil turnover in any way and should not entail the violation of the creditors’ of the deceased rights. The target of the state in this situation is ensuring a proper heredity in the rights and obligations that do not "die" with the death of their bearer.

The inheritance by law is intended to ensure the transfer of the rights and obligations, existence of which does not end with the death of a person, to the persons in his or her life who were the closest to the deceased for various reasons – a marriage, an adoption, a maintenance and so on. Ensuring their hereditary rights, defence and protection of the succession right itself together with the interests of the family and the society on the whole are the targets of the state, which are performed by means of the precise regulatory requirements that in the aggregate form the institution of the succession by law.

Analysis of the recent research materials and publications. The problems arising in the hereditary relationships were examined and are being examined by the eminent scientists and specialists in civil law, among which should be emphasized: V.I. Serebrovsky, B.B. Cherepakhin, M.V. Gordon, G.F. Shershenevich, O.S. Ioffe, P.S. Nikityuk, B.L. Khaskelberg, I.V. Zhylinkova, I.V. Spasibo-Fateyeva, Y.A. Khamitsayeva, L.E. Guz, L.M. Baranova, O.P. Pechenyi, L.V. Leshchenko and others.

Despite the fact that the scientists are interested in the problems of the hereditary relationships, there are still many unresolved problems, among them is the issue concerning the obligations of the heirs arising under the succession by law.

Purpose of the article. Analyzing the obligations of the heirs arising under the succession by law.

Presenting the main material. Civil Code of Ukraine (hereinafter - CC of Ukraine) unfortunately does not include the concept of the succession by law. Therefore, the research of the set problem should be started with the definition of the succession by law, that was formed in the theory of the civil law. The succession by law is one of the ways to transfer the property rights and obligations after the death of a person (the owner of the indicated rights and obligations) to other persons established in the law. It should be emphasized that in the hereditary relationships they are the property rights and obligations which are transferred, not the property itself.

The hereditary relationships pay special attention to the obligations. First the successor faces these questions and then gives an answer during the determination process whether or not to accept the inheritance. First in the hereditary relationship there is a "concealed" subjective obligation that burdens the heritable property, stimulating the heirs to the implementation of the hereditary subjective rights.

Therefore, the obligations in the hereditary relationships can be conditionally divided into two types: general and special.

Conclusions. The obligations arising from the heirs’ acceptance of the inheritance can be divided into two groups: the first of them includes the debts (the obligations) of the testator himself or herself that were not repaid by him or by her during the life; the second group includes the obligations that although can not be acknowledged the obligations of the testator, but arise in connection with his or her death. These are the general obligations that must be carried out both by the heirs-at-law and by the heirs by will

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Вікторія Валентинівна Надьон, National University "Yaroslav Mudryi National Law Academy"

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