Third parties, which do not submit the self-permit requirements for the subject of dispute: special questions to doctrines and legal trends

Денис Михайлович Сибилёв


The article is devoted to the study of legislative changes in the institute of third parties that do not declare independent claims on the subject of the dispute that occurred in recent years. The issues of attracting third parties to a civil case on the initiative of the court, participation in the process of the National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption, and the availability of a time frame for third parties to enter the case are considered from a critical point of view.

By the current legislation, third parties who do not declare independent claims regarding the subject matter of the dispute, are classified in the civil party. In the context of the modern edition of the CPC of Ukraine, they are considered one of the most important figures in the civil process, they belong to a circle of persons with legal interest in the resolution and consideration of civil cases.

A scientific analysis of the legislative trends concerning the institution of third parties who do not declare independent claims on the subject of the dispute allows for significant comments regarding the legislative changes that have taken place in recent years, not all changes can be evaluated positively.

Correction of the committed mistakes due to incorrect understanding of the legal personality of third parties who do not declare independent claims regarding the subject matter of the dispute, requires further legislative work.


third parties; parties; legal interest; legal personality; complicity; abuse of the law; term of taking the case


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