Mediation Institute of Ukraine (national historical aspect)

Римма Олександрівна Денисова


The article attempts to comprehend the willingness of contemporary Ukrainian society to accept and use mediation in their everyday lives, or at least to do the first steps. Concerning the feasibility of introducing a mediation institute in Ukraine, one can briefly note the following: 1) the benefits of mediation for the state are: unloading of the judicial system; unloading of the executive service of court decisions; reduction of corruption; 2) the benefits of mediation for ordinary Ukrainians – saving time and money; the ability of the parties to control the process; opportunity to get a solution that satisfies everyone.

Mediation on the path to its development in Ukraine has encountered a number of obstacles of moral, ethical, psychological, economic and legislative nature, the resolution and settlement of which requires some effort from the side of society and from the side of the state. But, analyzing the psychological portrait of Ukrainian society in the historical context, as well as the present realities, it is appropriate to conclude that the method of mediation of disputes has reason to fit into the modern life organically. It is the subjective influence of the institute of mediation, with all its various specific instruments, that can help to overcome the above-mentioned consequences of Soviet vitality, maybe even some adjust the national mentality, to familiarize Ukrainians with world-known and developed ways of alternative dispute resolution and in general help to make them aware of their meaning both in their own and in public life. Objectively, today there is an intensive formation of the normative base (both at the state and local levels) and the ten-year practice of mediation in many conflicts (disputes) is available


mediation; society; national-historical context; conflict


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