Victimity of women: problem aspects

O. Tkacheva


The theoretical analysis of the scientific problem of the victimization of the woman's personality is carried out, the features of the formation of a woman's sense of fear are highlighted. The ways of its solution are suggested.

It was stated that the current socio-economic situation makes it possible to increase unemployment, the growth of such negative phenomena as drunkenness and alcoholism, which, in turn, lead to an aggravation of interpersonal relations. For this reason, in our opinion, women are often the subject of violence.

It has been established that the causes and conditions that have influence to commit crimes with regard to women can be represented as a certain group consisting of three groups of interconnected and complementary components: І) objectively existing external circumstances in their unity; ІІ) the complex of personal characteristics of a particular individual who committed a crime; ІІІ) victimological features of female-victims of the crime (anatomical and physiological peculiarities of the organism, the specificity of mental processes, age characteristics and state of health, the implementation of maternal and social functions, inappropriate conditions of socialization and social adaptation, as a consequence, anti-social orientation of behavior).

It is emphasized that the actions of the criminal often depend not only on his individual characteristics and aspirations, but also on the behavior of the victim, who can create criminal conditions by his careless, immoral and illegal actions, and facilitate the onset of criminal result.

Separately, attention is drawn to the fact that the modern law enforcement system, due to objective and subjective reasons, is not able to fully confront the criminality that has overwhelmed the society, and this affects the mass consciousness, forming the victimality of a particular individual, including women.


victim behavior; victim; crisis centers; public organizations


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